Jazz Links

If you put JAZZ into a search engine (and ignore the references to basketball teams), you’ll come up with maybe 200 million hits. That’s enough to scare away even the most avid Jazz fan. We’ve listed below some generally useful sites, broken into broad categories. Each site has many links that lead you deeper into the subject (or maybe further away). If you’ve got suggestions for the list, please let me know; maybe we’ll add them. These are in no particular order. (These links were active at the time of entry, but the web is a volatile place. If you find that any of these links no longer work, please let us know, and we’ll either update or delete them. Thank you.) 

History and general discussions (in no particular order) 

The Ken Burns film

Dispensational Jazzology

History of Jazz



The Styles of Jazz

The Jazz Advocate

Jazz Education: A Timeline (suggested by Nicole H., an elementary school student from NYC)

How Does Smoking Affect Musicians?

Free Blues, Jazz and Holiday Standards lessons

Beginner Jazz Piano Arrrangements course

Intro to New Orleans Piano with Jon Cleary

Fillius Jazz Archive at Hamilton College Youtube interviews by Prof Monk Rowe with hundreds of jazz musicians

A Great Day in Harlem (video)

A Great Day in Harlem (details)

A Great Day in Albany


All About Jazz

Red Hot Jazz Archive

America’s Jazz Heritage

The Louisiana State Museum Jazz Collection

Detroit and the Jazz Boom: 1917-1940

Jazz World Database for those in the business of jazz

Jazz History On-line

A new site (Oct 2020) about the Swing Era in New York State’s Capital District, 1935-1945

Musical Playgrounds for Kids: A History of Jazz Music (Suggested by Girl Scout Julie Stevens, who discovered it while her troop was working on their Junior Musician Badge.)

Historical Perspective on Jazz by Gunther Schuller

Jazz Professional – Interviews, profiles, and all kinds of other good stuff

Jazzsight profiles, interviews, etc.

Jazz is Art/Art is Jazz – An interesting site from Australia

Jazz Lives – An interesting jazz blog with lots of links (“Lives” is both a noun and a verb)

Where to find jazz activities in other areas, especially NYC

A guide to the Roaring Twenties, with jazz and ragtime links. (Suggested by 11-yr-old 6th-grader Mia Reynolds)

Musical Playground for Kids: The History of Jazz Music (Suggested by Katie Neale, a young trumpet player)

The site for info about music education, especially the Ed.D. degree.

What is Jazz Music? With 7 Top Examples and Jazz History  Suggested by Shaun Letang, Owner of MusicIndustryHowTo.org

Jazz festivals

Festivals in the Northeast

A link to find Jazz festivals around the world

And a link for all sorts of festivals


Selected Bands & Living musicians (mostly local)

Dead musicians

Oscar Aleman (The Argentinean guitarist you never heard of)

Louis Armstrong Bio #1   Bio #2   Bio #3

Bix Beiderbecke

Nick Brignola

The Dukes of Dixieland

Ella Fitzgerald

Gene Krupa

“Jelly Roll” Morton

Lee Shaw

Fats Waller

Bios of deceased musicians

Places to buy Jazz stuff

The Jazz Store

Jazz Heritage Society


Dixieland Jazz Mail List

Jazzman Records

Jazzbeat.org Jazz education material, jazz lessons, jazz CD’s and DVD’s, and jazz related merchandise

Jazz Humor

Swing Era & modern colloquialisms

Music Jokes

More music jokes

And yet more…

Organizations & Publications

Jazz Radio Stations with streaming music – where to hear Jazz on-line




OKOM (Our Kind Of Music)


Barbara Kaiser’s “Jazz & …”

Live365 wide selection of all styles

www.jazzradio.com 17 different jazz channels

Nancy Barell “Jazz Spotlight On Sinatra”

AccuJazz.com Many listening choices

 Local links and Miscellaneous

Swingtime Jazz Society


Albany Jazz Co-operative

Jazz/Latino, Inc

Capital District Jazz, Ltd

Anderson Fake Books

Jazz Clubs around the World

Jazz Valley – an interesting French site (in English)

Not specifically a jazz link, but covers the Albany arts scene in general

Keep Swinging – an interesting site from The Netherlands

Jazz Professional – Interviews, profiles, and all kinds of other good stuff

The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music

An article in the Feb 2018 issue of Capital Region Living magazine about the local jazz scene.